BRUCHA® – More than 70 years of experience in manufacturing sandwich panels – made in Austria, Europe – for industrial, commercial and agricultural buildings. Offering shear endless possibilities without limitation, BRUCHA panels are highly valued for implementing architecturally sophisticated solutions for the building envelope.

BRUCHA® – Quality Policy

From design to execution, we stand together with our preferred partner – M Metal to serve your needs. Thanks to our skilled personnel and quality products, we ensure successful and rapid implementation of construction projects. You can experience some impressions of best practice examples here.

BRUCHA® Panels

We consider ourselves a high-end manufacturer providing a comprehensive range of customised services and products with proven track-record. Our concealed fixed FP-F mineral wool panel provides a smooth and slick look for any façade and design request with a fire resistance of up to 120 minutes.

Our visible fixed WP-F mineral wool panel provides ultimate safety and protection with a fire resistance of up to 240 minutes under the most demanding conditions.

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