M Metal Pte Ltd demonstrates to employees, customers, owners and public that we continuously operate the business with greatest respect and consideration for Safety, Health and Environment.

M Metal maintains controlled and documented systems and procedures ascertain that applicable laws and regulations observe in our operations and comply with M Metal Pte Ltd Safety, Health and Environment’s commitment.

A safe workplace

Our goal is to operate the business with zero injuries, illnesses or incidents by creating safe work environment. We aim to support any actions to increase employee’s safety during and after work hours.

Continuous Improvement

We continuously evaluate and improve our conducts and equipments to minimise risks. We consider SHE (Safety, Health and Environment) aspects at early stages of process development, analyses and studies the elements to eliminate potential hazards.


We support legible dialogues around processes and products we manage, and consequences of our activities that may have impact on safety, health and environment. We will establish good relation and reputation with authorities, opinion leaders, corporations, and organisations by demonstrating responsible acts in the areas of safety, health and environment.

Management Responsibility

Management must have knowledge of safety, health and environment issues, providing relevant policies as foundation for setting of the objectives and targets, educate and motivate staffs to understand the issues, and complying with policies and applicable laws.

Employee and Contractor Responsibility

Each employee and contractor must comply with this policy and related laws and regulations. Compliances are required for employments or contracts.


We must have emergency preparedness system and processes in place for all situations.

Compliance with Policy

The policy stated here is available for all employees, contractors and public. Everyone in any type of activities related to M Metal should comply with the policy and live it up to promote our business.

Fion Tang
Managing Director
November 2017