All fasteners comply with Australian Standard 3566 Class 3 or Class 4 for exposed fasteners use in moderate and severe marine environments classified in accordance with ISO 9223.

Class 3

For general external use in mild and moderate industrial and mild marine application. The class is intended for roofing and cladding screws in standard applications. Fastener compliance used to be achieved by accelerated laboratory testing.In the case of heavy zinc coating, 40μm is deemed to comply. Alloy plating of ZINC/TIN, 25μm is equivalent to heavy zinc at 40μm.

Class 4

For external use in moderate and severe marine environments, classified in accordance with ISO 9223 as generally between 100m from the beach front to approximate 300m inland. In high winds this may extend further inland. Compliance is to be assessed through real world testing. These outdoor test sites must be located less than 500m from the mean high water line, in a coastal area with surd for most of the year.

other accessories

Bitumen Felt
A membrane that is made from two structural components of modified polymer and high tack resins. It dampens noise impact from rain.

Mineral Wool
Made from natural or synthetic minerals, mineral wool’s ability to partition air makes them excellent heat insulators and sound absorbers. Rock wool of higher density is commonly used in a roof system where higher sound transmission class is required whereas fibreglass is recommended for lower densities and standard insulation application.

Aluminium Foil
Used as a radiant barrier to prevent radiant heat of the sun from passing through the structure by reflecting back towards its source, aluminium foil deters heat and vapour transmission in a roof system.

Ausmesh 300 Roof Safety Mesh 300X150

Ausmesh Roof Safety Mesh 300X150 is manufactured in accordance to AS/NZS4389.

It is strong secure joins meets AS/NZS4389:2006.

It is static dead load is up to 350kg/m2.

Ausmesh Roof Safety Mesh 300×150 is laid over the purlin, it acts as a support for both aluminium foil and fibre/mineral wool; and more importantly acts as a safety net for roof installers working at height.

Always ask for Certificate from Manufacturer.

Cement Board
Recommended for projects mostly residential where high acoustic performance is required. It further increases the sound insulation in a roof system.