Material & finishes
At M Metal, we don’t just put a roof over your head, we add a little colour to it as well. Whatever splash of colour you are looking for, we provide a full suite of colour options to suit your design needs.
Subjected to minimum quantity and procurement lead time.

M Metal Pte Ltd uses AZ200 (aluminium-zinc alloy coated steel) substrate for superior corrosion performance. AZ200 is also known as Galvalume®, a trademark belong to BIEC International, Inc. (1)

BIEC was formed by Bethlehem Steel Corporation (USA) which was first incorporated in 1857 to manage the licensing of Bethlehem Steel’s engineering services as well as the technology. Currently there are about 60 companies manufactured Galvalume® under license from BIEC International, Inc. such as Yieh Phui Enterprise Co., Ltd (one of M Metal Pte Ltd steel coil suppliers), BHP (BlueScope Steel), Galvalange (Arcelor Mittal), Sumitomo Metal Industries, British Steel (Corus), Yodogawa, Thyssen Krupp Steel, Tata/ BlueScope JV, etc. (2)

The product has now covering buildings in all kinds of climates and environments throughout United States, Canada, and Mexico, as well as Europe, Australia, and Asia.

(1) Galvalume® is a BIEC trademark – USA, licensed to Yieh Phui Entreprise Co., Ltd.
(2) Excerpted from Galvalume®, The BIEC Journey by J.BB.Tyler – page 115.


ColorLume® VF-20L is derived from a reliable 2-coat, 2-bake Fluorocarbon (PVDF) process with over 70% of KYNAR® 500 or HYLAR® 5000 as the top coat. The substract is made from AZ200 alloy coated steel sheets. AZ is an alloy comprising 55% Aluminum, 43.5% Zinc and 1.5% Silicon. AZ200 refers to the coating mass in g/ m2 on both sides.

ColorLume® VF-20L can resist city grime, solarisation, dirt staining and acid rain. Under these severe conditions in this region, ColorLume® VF-20L steel sheets are able to preserve its pleasing appearance and have excellent colour retention properties.

Colourlume iClean®

A 2nd generation CLEAN pre-painted Al-Zn product combining corrosion resistance, high weatherbility and ease of maintenance. Colorlume iClean® technology is directly incorporated into the coating thereby ensuring it long-term performance. Highly recommended for exterior architectural applications where retention of aesthetics is important.

Non-ferrous Steel

M Metal is capable of roll forming non-ferrous steel such as aluminum, copper, and titanium-zinc subject to the minimum quantity.

Aluminum in PVDF coating is the most popular material among other non-ferrous steel. It’s available in M-Zip 420 and M-Seam 530/25 or M-Seam 505/38 profile with thickness of 0.70mm to 0.90mm.