Kalzip® transforms your ideas and dreams into reality – without making any compromises in quality and with a true passion for details. It is the source of inspiration for planners and architects through out the world.

Kalzip® aluminium standing seam profiles are able to meet even the most demanding construction and design requirements, enabling you to create roofs and facades which successfully combine outstanding functionality with stunning aesthetics. The design potential is virtually limitless – from the discreet to the elaborate; combining sophisticated elegance with contemporary design.

Kalzip® FC façade system
Kalzip® FC façade System has a clear and aesthetic – for an unmistakable character.

The Kalzip® FC façade System advances the technology of the rainscreen, rear-ventilated metal façade to the intelligent building envelope and sets new standards in terms of flexibility, ease of installation and economy.

The restrained, smooth surface of the aluminium panels conveys generosity and clarity. Within the variety of colour and form of common architecture the Kalzip® FC façade System sets pleasantly restrained counterpoints and emphasizes the formal aesthetics of the building.